3 Things I Did Right at My Wedding

emily ravenna of the hip suburban rustic low country south carolina wedding at palmetto bluff

In honor of wedding season, I’m continuing my series of wedding-related posts. In my last post, I discussed three things I wish I’d done differently at my wedding. Today, I’m sharing three things that I definitely did right at my wedding.

  1. We had a sweetheart table. For an event that’s supposedly all about celebrating your love for each other, a private moment with your new husband or wife can be really hard to come by. We had initially wanted to do a head table, but due to a large wedding party and lots of siblings, were arguing a bit over who to include. A sweetheart table was the perfect solution – it not only allowed us not to have to choose among friends and family for the head table, but also gave us a built in way to have a few minutes alone to take everything in before jumping into the celebration. It was so nice to have a few minutes alone in the midst of the wedding madness, and I still feel that this was one of the best decisions we made for the big day.
  2. I thanked my parents. In today’s day and age, many people pay for their own weddings. I was incredibly fortunate to have parents who not only had the means to finance my big day, but also played a huge role in the planning process. My mom could really consider a career as wedding planner, and she really pulled out all of the stops. My parents’ love for me was so apparent in all of the small details that made up my wedding day, and I didn’t want that to go unnoticed. Before the speeches, I grabbed the mic and thanked my mom and dad for making my all of my wedding dreams come true. I know that my few words of recognition went a long way towards making my parents understand the magnitude of my gratitude (hey, I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it!) towards them.
  3. We were present in the moment, and we didn’t sweat the small stuff. Most of my friends and family in attendance at my wedding would say that I was remarkably chill. While I was confident that my mom had everything on lock down, I also don’t really worry about details (I’m more of a big picture person). The truth is that you spend so much time planning your wedding day down to the tiniest of minutiae, but inevitably, something will not go according to plan. Here’s the thing, though: some things are completely out of your control (like the weather), and for everything else, you’re probably the only one who will notice.  I was relaxed, happy, and had so much fun at my wedding, and Andrew would say the same thing. It goes too fast not to enjoy it.

emily ravenna of the hip suburban rustic low country south carolina wedding at palmetto bluff

emily ravenna of the hip suburban rustic low country south carolina wedding at palmetto bluff

Photos by Clay Austin Photography at the Inn at Palmetto Bluff


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